Marktgemeinde Guntramsdorf

The Village of Guntramsdorf ( is situated in the south of Vienna, in the federal country of Lower Austria, district of Mödling. It has 9.000 inhabitants. Its public authorities are focusing on a modern administration and foster active and transparent communication and information activities towards the general public.

The PR department of the village is responsible  for following working areas: corporate communications, internal communications, media relations, archive and public library, citizen service, surveys and popular votes, e-government, registration services, elections, improvement proposals, complaint management, environmental affairs and cemetery administration.

In addition the PR department is also responsible for the editorial content and the publishing of the monthly community magazine “auslese” ( which reaches a circulation of 5.500 issues.

Head of the department: Alexander Handschuh, MSc. (
The village of Guntramsdorf has been the first Austrian public entity to run for the quality certification and was awarded with the Austrian PR trust seal in May, 2014.

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Marktgemeinde Guntramsdorf
Rathaus Viertel 1/1
2353 Guntramsdorf

+43 2236 53501-0