Austrian Red Cross

The Austrian Red Cross is one of the biggest non-profit organisations in Austria and operates nationwide.  Over the last 20 years, the level of communication has become more and more professional, in particular with regard to the NPO sector. “Surveys unanimously show that there is no other organisation that people trust as much as the Red Cross”, Andrea Winter, head of the Austrian Red Cross’s marketing and communications department, says. “This trust brings about a huge responsibility. Our main objective is to communicate in a professional and effective way and to always stick to ethical rules.”

It is a daily challenge to communicate the multifaceted fields of action the Red Cross is involved in. The Austrian Red Cross is not only the most important stakeholder in delivering rescue and ambulance services. It also provides most of the blood products in Austria. Concerning international activities, it is able to offer great expertise in disaster management as well as in development cooperation. Another currently growing field of action are health and community services which focus on the care of the elderly. The Red Cross furthermore supports asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. The Tracing Service reunites families that got separated due to conflicts or disasters. Last, but not least, the organisation is constantly training not only its members but also the Austrian population. Even children and young people learn how to help others in case of an emergency with the assistance of the Austrian Youth Red Cross.

The Red Cross is committed to, and bound by, its seven Fundamental Principles – Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary service, Unity and Universality. Based on these principles, it is the aim of the marketing and communications department to work on a  highly professional and effective level and its staff is willing to carry a part of the Red Cross’s socio-political responsibility.


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