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Austrian PR Quality Seal

For around ten years, certification according to the ICCO’s internationally established Consultancy Management Standard has been a sign for high quality PR work in Austria. However, the developments of the past few years and the current environment have made it necessary to send an even stronger signal. For this reason, ÖPR - Österreichisches PR-Gütezeichen has widen the scope of this standard to include matters relating specifically to Austria as well as ethical criteria, thereby creating an “Austrian PR Quality Seal”.

The Austrian PR Quality Seal is suited to any organisational units that conduct professional PR work – agencies as well as the communications / PR departments of companies or institutions. It distinguishes those who are committed to ethically proper work, who strive for quality in their content and, at the same time, have an eye on the quality of their organisation and workflows.

This makes the Austrian PR Quality Seal a positive distinguishing feature for stakeholders, clients, suppliers and business partners. It also serves as an orientation aid for new employees and ensures that they can base their actions on existing systems and a defined culture.

Last but not least, the Austrian PR Quality Seal is valuable in itself for agencies and companies as it helps them to guarantee quality and efficiency for repeated tasks as well as freeing up resources to pursue further development. It plays a role in ensuring that problems are recognised more quickly and major crises avoided.