The standard for the Certified Individual Consultant encompasses ethical and content-based criteria, as well as guidelines for quality management. These are all important to acquire the certification. The requirements are formulated in a clear and authoritative way. How these are implemented in standardised areas remains the decision of each individual consultant on the basis of their specific business requirements. This ensures the greatest possible degree of flexibility and individuality – while at the same time guaranteeing quality for customers and business partners. 
Ethical bases
Certified individual consultants …

  • ensure that all the relevant people involved in a project know and comply with the PRVA code of honour
  • take action in case of transgressions

Content bases
Certified individual consultants …

  • define targets for the client by developing and coordinating measurable communication targets – and also achieve these targets
  • choose means of communication which are state-of-the-art and appropriate
  • ensure that only suitable and properly trained freelancers / suppliers carry out tasks which have been outsourced
  • uses the client’s resources sparingly
  • preserve the social responsibility of communication

Quality management according to Consultancy Management Standard CMS III
Certified individual consultants ...

  • have many years of professional experience in the communications industry
  • focus on leadership and communication, i.e. they create sound structures which ensure that the communicators are highly motivated and have access to all key information
  • build on planning, i.e. they have realistic and long-term ideas on how to position themselves as a consultant and to progress
  • have financial and controlling systems in place for the purposes of managing financial and commercial matters
  • place emphasis on project and campaign management, i.e. on systems that ensure smooth, efficient and target-oriented process management as well as the use of effective instruments to evaluate and assess the PR measures
  • measure customer satisfaction, i.e. satisfaction with the service performed
  • do not leave new business to chance, i.e. they map the path from the first enquiry to the presentation and the placement of the order with quality-minded and responsible action


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