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Procedure and costs

In order to become a Certified Individual Consultant, consultants must undergo an objective and standardised certification process conducted by an independent auditor.

  • The first step is a call or an e-mail to the secretariat of Österreichisches PR-Gütezeichen, which will provide you with the basic information.
  • Next, the auditors from XERO will explain the certification process to you. If required, you can also have a meeting with representatives of Österreichisches PR-Gütezeichen.
  • After this, you will be made an offer by XERO for certification and – if you are convinced – you can sign the contract there and then.
  • You then prepare for the audit based on the standard.
  • In the course of the audit, the maturity level and quality of implementation of the quality management system are ultimately evaluated. There is, however, much more than that to an audit, namely the collection of information and evidence. In comparisons of target and actual performance, it is determined if the required standards are actually implemented in practice and if they seem appropriate in their current form to reach the defined targets.
  • The evaluation is made in the form of a comprehensive, confidential audit report which is prepared after the audit has been completed and contains all of the ideas, suggestions for improvement and remarks that are intended to help optimise the quality management system.
  • The certificate that is issued by the certification body upon successful completion of an audit is valid for two years and can be subsequently extended by means of a recertification audit.

A licence fee is payable to Österreichisches PR-Gütezeichen in order to be able to use the certificate. This amounts to EUR 250.00 per year for PRVA members. In the case of individual consultants who were not yet members of PRVA at the time the audit was performed, the PRVA membership fee for individual members must also be paid in addition to the licence fee.

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