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Individual Consultant

The PR quality certification and the associated “Certified Individual Consultant” certificate is aimed at quality-minded and experienced PR consultants who already have many years of experience as a consultant or PR officer in the communications industry, who are committed to the highest quality standards, and who are prepared to be audited regularly by external, independent auditors to verify compliance with these standards.

The criteria of the international Consultancy Management Standard (CMS III) and the Austrian PR Quality Seal, which assess the processes in place in PR agencies and the communications / PR departments of companies and institutions, have been adjusted to fit the special working conditions and needs of individual consultants for this certification.

This means that, for the first time in Austria, PR consultants can also now be audited on this basis and then present themselves in the market as “certified individual consultants”.

In this context, individual consultants are PR consultants that perform their business activities alone with a corresponding trading licence, and are not involved with an agency or any other consultancy or service provider (as a shareholder, employee or freelancer).


The Certified Individual Consultant quality seal confirms that the certified individual – reviewed by independent auditors – is committed to strict quality criteria, clearly defined organisational processes and workflows, and ethical work standards, and ensure that these are put into practice.

This means it provides useful guidance in the market and acts as a positive distinguishing feature for customers, suppliers and business partners.

However, it is also valuable for the consultant as well, as the certification process helps to ensure quality and efficiency when performing recurring tasks and to free up resources for further development. It plays a role in ensuring that problems are recognised more quickly and major crises avoided.