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International Network

ÖPR - Österreichisches PR-Gütezeichen is part of an international network: the ICCO International Communications Consultancy Organisation, the global umbrella association for more than 1,500 PR agencies.

The ICCO sees itself as a forum for PR. Not only does it offer its members an international platform to exchange views and experiences, such as at its annual congresses, but the ICCO also aims to establish uniform standards in professional PR work. To do this, it promotes and demands quality from its members in all areas. These are objectives that PR-Gütezeichen also strives to achieve.

Membership of the ICCO also implies a commitment to conduct activities in line with the ethical standards of the Stockholm Charter. This charter sets out common conduct guidelines for a range of important issues.

  • It helps the PR industry to present itself uniformly, providing clients and employees with a clear picture of industry standards.
  • It creates standards that are both practical and valuable for business in the relationship between companies, consultancies, clients and other stakeholders.

The standards take the form of short sentences, but which come across as being both comprehensive and coherent. Each country is encouraged to adapt the standards to suit its own market and to add sections as long as such changes do not go against the wording or the spirit of the ICCO Charter.